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Wonderfil Konfetti 50wt, 3-ply Cotton Thread

Cotton 50wt 3-ply:

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Manufacturer #:KT1-100, KT1-101, KT1-102, KT1-200, KT1-201, KT1-300, KT1-301, KT1-302, KT1-303, KT1-304, KT1-306, KT1-307, KT1-308, KT1-400, KT1-401, KT1-402, KT1-403, KT1-404, KT1-405, KT1-406, KT1-600, KT1-601, KT1-602, KT1-603, KT1-604, KT1-605, KT1-606, KT1-607, KT1-608, KT1-609, KT1-610, KT1-611, KT1-612, KT1-613, KT1-614, KT1-700, KT1-701, KT1-703, KT1-704, KT1-705, KT1-706, KT1-707, KT1-708, KT1-800, KT1-801, KT1-803, KT1-804, KT1-805, KT1-806, KT1-807, KT1-809, KT1-810, KT1-811, KT1-901, KT1-902, KT1-903, KT1-904, KT1-905, KT1-906, KT1-305
Sku:KT100, KT101, KT102, KT200, KT201, KT300, KT301, KT302, KT303, KT304, KT306, KT307, KT308, KT400, KT401, KT402, KT403, KT404, KT405, KT406, KT600, KT601, KT602, KT603, KT604, KT605, KT606, KT607, KT608, KT609, KT610, KT611, KT612, KT613, KT614, KT700, KT701, KT703, KT704, KT705, KT706, KT707, KT708, KT800, KT801, KT803, KT804, KT805, KT806, KT807, KT809, KT810, KT811, KT901, KT902, 825161132076, KT904, 825161132090, 825161132106, KT-305, KT305

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Konfetti™ is a 50wt, 3-ply double-gassed and mercerized Egyptian cotton with a gorgeously soft, clean, and lustrous finish. Free of any type of wax or coating that can cause build up in machines, this super low lint thread is a popular choice for quilting and long-arming due to its quality finish and low bulk. Available in 60 lovely solid colours.



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