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Signature Variegated 3000yd Cone - 40wt Quilt Thread

We actively sell in our store and online. We will send what is in stock at the time we process your order, unless you tell us otherwise.
Signature 40wt Variegated Quilting Thread 3000yd:

If we do not have the full amount that you ordered of this item:    
Manufacturer #:SIG-49-F150 Sun Lime Splash, SIG-49-F151 St. Thomas, SIG-49-F153 Garden, SIG-49-F154 Cotton Candy, SIG-49-F155 Pansy, SIG-49-F250 Canyon View, SIG-49-F251 Atlantis, SIG-49-F253 Summery Fun, SIG-49-F254 Early Sunset, SIG-49-F255 Corn Field, SIG-49-F256 Southwest, SIG-49-F257 Poppy Blaze, SIG-49-F258 Dreamy Blues, SIG-49-F259 Spring Grass, SIG-49-F261 Orange Craze, SIG-49-F262 Amber Glow, SIG-49-M01 Brights, SIG-49-M02 Holiday, SIG-49-M03 Woodlands, SIG-49-M04 Green House, SIG-49-M05 Denim, SIG-49-M06 Victorian, SIG-49-M07 Pastels, SIG-49-M08 Sand Dunes, SIG-49-M09 Golden Harvest, SIG-49-M10 Citrus, SIG-49-M11 Tie Dye, SIG-49-M12 Purple Haze, SIG-49-M13 Stars and Stripes, SIG-49-M14 Shadows, SIG-49-M16 Fad 5, SIG-49-M17 French Country, SIG-49-M18 Island Waters, SIG-49-M71 Natural Tints, SIG-49-M73 Taupes, SIG-49-M74 Rusty Oranges, SIG-49-M75 Tan Tints, SIG-49-M77 Peachy Tones, SIG-49-M80 Dusty Mauve, SIG-49-M82 Blue Skies, SIG-49-M83 Aqua Waters, SIG-49-M84 Limey Greens, SIG-49-Grassy Greens, SIG-49-Dusty Purples, SIG-49-M90 Grey Shades, SIG-49M91 Antique Gold, SIG-49M15 Rose Petals, SIG-49-F152-Olive Hues, SIG-49-F252 Strawberry Shortcake, SIG-49-M81 Smokey Blues
Sku:036771746236, 036771746175, 036771746151, 036771746243, 036771746182, 036771746045, 036771746052, 036771746076, 036771746083, 036771746090, 036771746205, 036771746212, 036771746229, 036771746144, 036771746137, 036771746120, 036771490016, 036771490023, 036771490030, 036771746038, 036771746281, 036771490061, 036771490078, 036771490085, 036771490092, 036771490108, 036771490115, 036771490122, 036771490139, 036771490146, 036771490160, 036771490177, 036771490184, 036771730495, 036771730501, 036771730518, 036771730525, 036771730549, 036771730570, 036771730594, 036771730600, 036771730617, 036771730624, 036771730648, 036771730655, 036771730662, 036771748278, 036771746168, 036771746069, 036771730587

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