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Longarm Accessories

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Easy Set Tension Kit


HQ Arc B 12/8/4 inch


HQ Arc C 10/6 inch


HQ Bobbin Winder


HQ Gold Ring Set


HQ Half Circles


HQ Handi Feet Couching Kit


HQ Mini Ruler


HQ Mini Scallop


HQ Multi Clamshell


HQ Needles 100/16 R


HQ Needles 110/18 R


HQ Needles 125/20 R


HQ Needles 80/12 R


HQ Needles 90/14 R


HQ Needles Standard 18 - 2 pack


HQ Oval A 12/8/4 inch


HQ Oval D 10/4 inch


HQ ProStitcher


HQ Silver Ring Set


HQ Wave E 6/3 inch


Janome Couching Feet Set


Janome Glide Foot


Leader Set 9.5 foot


Ruler - HQ Mini Circles


Arc A


Bungee Clamp and Cord


Channel Locks (2)


EZ Wind Slotted Bobbin


GB Dueling Circles


GB Stripes Left


GB Stripes Right


GB Stylus w/Adaptor


GB-Antique Lace


Groovy Board Stylus Tip


Handi Feet Conversion Kit


Horiz. Spool Pin


HQ Bobbin Box


HQ Glide Foot Kit


HQ M-class Bobbin Case


Leader Set 11 foot


Pen Oiler


Sit Down Table Overlay


Sliding Markers


Super Leader


UV LED Light Set





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