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Bag and Craft Supplies

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14in Spirit Vine Split Bottom Charcoal


Bag Feet 1/2" Glossy Nickel


Black Mesh Fabric


Cork Fabric Touch Pro Crocodile Reddish Brown 55in Wide


Cork Fabric Touch Pro Natural w/ Gold 55in Wide


Cork Fabric Touch Pro Stripes Natural 55in Wide


Grommet Nickel 3/8inch, 8 count


Hardware Set 3900 1 1/2 " Nickel


Insul Bright Batting 1 yd x 45"


Kaffe Ribbon-Red Antwerp Flowers


Large Flower Shapes


LT Mesh SUP209 Apple Green


LT Mesh SUP209 Atom Red


LT Mesh SUP209 Dandelion


LT Mesh SUP209 Lipstick


LT Mesh SUP209 Turquoise


Magnetic Snap - Black Nickel 1/2"


Magnetic Snap 3/4"


Medium Pop Up Refill 8


Non Roll Elastic 3/4"x1yd White


Pinmor Anchor Green


Plier Grommet Kit w/4 grommets 3/8inch


Printed Treasures 5 sheet


Spirit Vine Stand Gray 14"x14"


Steady Betty 12 inch square


Thermolam Fleece SEW IN


White Mesh Fabric


1 1/2 inch Elastic


12mm Animal Eye Button


15mm Animal Eye Button


18mm Animal Eye Button


28 Purse Handles


3-in-1 Color Tool 3rd Edition


6mm Animal Eye Button


8mm Animal Eye Button


Artbin Sidekick Mini


Bag Feet


Bag Handles/Aqua 16 inch


Bag Handles/Black Polka Dot 16in


Bag Handles/Dark Brown Polka Dot 16in


Bag Handles/Lt Green 16 inch


Black Diva Frame


Black Set 1 inch


Brooch Kit


Cable Cord 3/16inch BTY


Carol Doak Foundation Paper


Craft Fabric 31.5 x 10 yds


Crystal Starter Kit


D-ring and Swivel Clip


Eye Glass Holder Kit


Felt Balls 1cm


Felt Balls 2cm


Felts Needle


Finger Presser


Goddess Sheet


Goddess Sheet


Gold Diva Frame


Grommet 40 mm 8 ct


Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner


Ironing Mat


Key Fob Hardware set


Large Disks


Large YoYo Maker


Lickity Grip 1 oz


Margo Wallet


Mini Crafting Iron


Multiroll Felt


Orchid Petal Small


Pointed Petal Small


Quilters Hang-ups Sleeves


Ready Made Sleeve Black


Retayne 4 oz


Ruby Beholder


Satin Bronze Bag Feet 9/16 inch


Small Flower Shapes


Spray Starch


Swivel Ring Silver


Synthrapol 4 oz


Terial Magic 24 OZ


TrueCut Grippers


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