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Play All Day 5389 Clouds Sun Rainbow Allover

Photographs are a useful guide in purchasing your fabric.  All of our photographs are as provided by the manufacturer.  The Quilters Studio will not be held responsible for any issue in your selection based on the photograph provided.

We tear our fabric, thereby ensuring that you receive a selvedge to selvedge cut of what you ordered.  If you would prefer to have us cut your selections, you will need to direct us to do so.  We do recommend that you launder your fabric before cutting it for your project.  Laundering your fabric is more to eliminate the chemicals and inert dyes that are inherent to any fabric manufactured, thereby easing your use of the product.

This colorful fabric collection by Diane Eichler features a 36” soft book fabric panel with sayings that will reinforce kind words and positive thoughts. This is perfect for small children and colored in primary colors. There is a 24” fabric play-mat, a 10" block panel, butterflies, rainbows and bears, bunnies and critters playing in the park.

Diane Eichler

Diane Eichler is a Cincinnati-based surface designer with over 15 years of experience creating whimsical character art, colorful graphic prints and repeat patterns. She loves coming up with original color combinations and developing collections that appeal to a wide range of customers.

After graduating from The University of Cincinnati, where she earned her degree in Fashion Design, she started her career working for a juvenile products manufacturer.

Her experience there helped develop knowledge in product development and helped her to establish an understanding of the production process. She also discovered her flair for creating unique and colorful designs for baby. This combination of skills has enabled her to become successful in developing marketable products, ranging from infant bedding, gift products, greeting cards, rugs, ceramics, embroidery and fabric.