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Basics & Backgrounds

Our basics category is any fabric that our manufacturers commit to keeping in stock.  Our backgrounds are fabrics that are neutral and used as background within the white, ecru and light category (they must also continue to be available from our manufacturers).
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RA11 770 01 Ecru Wave


RA11 771 W White Mesh


RA11 773 W Mums


RA11 774 W White Crackle


RA11 775 01 Ecru Octogon


RA11 775 W White Octogon


RA11 776 W White Geo Paisley


RA11 777 01 Ecru Burst


RA11 777 W White Burst


RA11 778 W White Waffle


RA11 779 01 Ecru Scribble Tossed


RA11 779 W White Scribble Tossed


RA11 780 W White Open Foulard


RA11 781 01 Ecru Triangles


RA11 781 W White Triangles


RAM10 761W White Lattice


RAM10 762W White Dots


RAM10 762W Dots


RAM10 763 White


RAM10 769W White Paisley


RAM3 709W


RAM8 730W White Swirl


RAM8 735 White


RAM9 739 White


RAM9 741W White Geometrics


RAM9 742W White on White Tree Trunks


RAM9 745W


Rambling Favorite White on White





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