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PLEASE NOTE - We service all types of machines We text you when your machine is ready for pick-up if we have your cell number on file.  A storage fee is charged if your machine is not picked up within 2 days after your service is completed.  Storage fee charged is $5.00/day beyond the 2-day limit.  Please GO TO the Main Page to see when our next drop off day is scheduled.

As an Elna and Janome dealer, we do warranty and service work on the machines that you purchased through The Quilters Studio.  Warranty coverage on Elna and Janome machines that were not purchased at the store is at the discretion of the owner.  We represent Handi Quilter machines and are fully trained and certified to perform service and training in our service department.  We do service work on all machine brands, but, in the event you require warranty work on anything other than Janome or Elna, we recommend that you take your machine to a certified retailer.  Remember that warranty's are issued by the manufacturer and, although we are certified to provide the service on the machine, we do verify that the warranty repair is approved by the manufacturer prior to any work being performed.

Our service department is located on-site and all service is performed by certified and trained technicians.  There are rare occasions when we must take your machine(s) offsite to perform service.  In the event that your machine must be sent to another location for service, you agree that The Quilters Studio is not responsible for another company's negligence in transporting or caring for your machine while it is not under our care.

We make every effort to return your machine in a timely manner after service.  When you bring in your machine, it will go in line to be serviced.  There is NO appointment option available to drop off and wait for your machine.  Whereas we recognize that some of our customers come from a distance to have their machines serviced, we will try our best to service the machine in the same day, but we are not responsible for any other issue that arises.

When you drop off your sewing machine, please ONLY bring the following items to be left with us for service:
  1. Machine
  2. Power cord and foot control
  3. Craft foot or presser foot that allows for straight and zigzag stitching
  4. Regular stitch plate.  NO STRAIGHT STITCH PLATES.  Your machine will not be looked at until you provide the correct stitch plate.
  5. Bobbin case with a FILLED bobbin plus thread for your machine.  We must have the proper bobbin for your machine and it should be filled with the thread that you normally use.  As well, we need the thread that you normally use with your machine.  We want to ensure that we're setting the proper tension for the thread that you normally use..
  6. EMBROIDERY MACHINES - We do service embroidery modules at an additional cost to the service of the machine.  Please provide us with the embroidery module and anything required to connect and operate the machine.  Whether you provide us with the items required to stitch out an embroidery design on your machine, your repair cost will be at a higher rate due to the capabilities of the machine (if you don't provide us with the materials and accessories required to perform an embroidery stitch-out, we cannot test your machine, but you will still be responsible for the servicing of the embroidery aspect of your machine.  Please provide us with:
    1. Embroidery Hoop, specific to your machine hooped with stabilizer and fabric
    2. Embroidery bobbin case
    3. Embroidery or free motion foot
  7. If you bring additional accessories, or cases, with you, we will give them back to you.  If they are accidentally left with the machine, The Quilters Studio is not responsible for any additional accessories you choose to leave, either intentionally or accidentally, while your machine is being serviced.

When dropping off your Handi Quilter machine, please ONLY bring the following to be left with us for service.
  1. Machine with the thread mast removed but with the machine (your machine should not be transported with the thread mast attached)
  2. Power Cord
  3. Bobbin case with a FILLED bobbin
  4. Thread cone of what you normally use.  If you need help with upper thread tension, there may be an additional charge of $45.00.
  5. Open or closed toe foot.  Please do not leave us with the Glide or Echo feet attached

At check-in, please tell us of any problems that you may be experiencing with your machine.  You are welcome to provide us with samples to show some of the issues you may be having.  Your communication is critical to our being able to provide the best service when diagnosing your machine.  Whether you use your machine or not, service on your machine should be performed at least once a year at the least and more often with increased usage.  Machines that are used infrequently or not at all, need to be serviced once a year.

Our Service/Repair includes:
  1. Evaluate function issues noted upon receiving machine
  2. Adjust stitch balance
  3. Adjust check spring operation
  4. Adjust needle bar and hook timing as needed
  5. Check bobbin winder & stop
  6. Check buttons, keypad and touch screen (when applicable)
  7. Check and correct any abnormal noises
  8. Clean interior, exterior of machine and check for damage
  9. Check Running speed
  10. Check thread cutter (if applicable)
  11. Lubricate (if applicable)
  12. Check needle threader (if applicable)
  13. Check foot control (if applicable)
  14. Sew test samples (embroidery if applicable)
  15. 30 day certainty on all work performed, except for damage sustained due to improper usage
For our Embroidery Machine customers, The Quilters Studio is not responsible for any designs you may have saved on your sewing machine.  Please make sure that you have a back up of your designs that is stored at your home.  The Quilters Studio will not be responsible for backing up and/or restoring any designs that are lost during the service of your machine.  We are not responsible if something is not restored properly.