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Weekend Getaway Blouse - Sew your Own Couture Class

Relaxed fit pull-on blouse or dress with front facing detail that gives an opportunity to feature contrast fabric for added interest.  We will be making the blouse in class; choose between short or 3/4 length sleeve versions and add the tabbed pockets for a sportier look.  Just perfect for our hot summer months.  Pattern purchase at TQS is required.  Intermediate-Advanced highly suggested.

Saturday, June 12, 2021


Some classes are not for Beginning Sewists.  Recommended for Very Confident Beginners with good sewing skills, or Intermediate - Advanced levels.  Please note that most students may not finish this project in class, but you will get instruction to finish the item at home.
Skill Level:
You must be confident in your machine and your sewing. You will be expected to cut out your pattern prior to coming to class. 1. If you are ill, or have recently been around others that are ill, we ask that you follow safe protocols; we?re happy to help with an online/curbside pick-up order 2. Masks, that properly fit and cover your nose and mouth, will need to be worn at all times in the store and the classroom (please see below) 3. Social distancing protocol will be practiced and enforced 4. Shortly before the class starts, access to the classroom will be allowed, with the following restrictions: o You can drop your items just inside the door to the classroom PRIOR to the start of class, so as to not disrupt instruction that will start promptly o You?ll be asked to wash your hands with soap and water for the required time, according to CDC guidelines in our restroom (hand sanitizer does not pre-empt this step). We ask that you not touch anything on your way back to the classroom o Our educator will be following the same protocol, for everyone?s safety o You may not use latex gloves or any glove in the store or classroom o During class, you may not move back and forth to the store; you may not hold onto a store number when in class. If you shop in the store before or after the class, you will need to have a number in hand. You will not be allowed to keep your class items in the classroom while shopping. o No food or drink, of any kind, is allowed in the store, or classroom, at any time. This is enforced during this time, as sanitizing in a food environment has significantly different protocols o When you are seated at your machine, and there is no-one moving about, you may remove your mask o When you get up to use the iron, walk around in the classroom, or the instructor or a fellow student is walking around, you must use your face mask. 5. Whereas these "rules" seem restrictive, please know that we are trying to ensure your safety, and the safety of the staff and educator. The requirements to hold events in the store are stringent according to state and health recommendations. We cleanse and sanitize often in the store, our efforts are meant for everyone's safety but they are rigorous and time-consuming to the staff so we try to mitigate interrupting the program as much as possible with these efforts.
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Weekend Getaway Blouse - Sew your Own Couture Class

$ 42.00



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